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Biomass / Energy wood

Another TEREDO business is the supply of biomass. We can supply every size of biomass, we can arrange this by screening the biomass.

TEREDO has has also the possibility to supply 2 different types of biomass.

1) CHIPS: This type of biomass is produced with a chipper. This is a very high quality biomass.

2) SHRIPS: This is produced with a grinder. This machine is used whenyou want to produce biomass out of stumps and bushes. This biomass has to be screened after the grinder, because we have to remove the soil.


TEREDO has a few subcontracting transport companies, so that TEREDO can supply the biomass Just In Time. The trucks we use, are walkfloor traliers and carry upto 90 m3 of biomass.

If there is a possibility to deliver the biomass by ship, then that is also no problem for TEREDO.